Those who live and work on the slopes of the most famous volcano in the world, Vesuvius ,
he confidentially calls it “the mountain”.

With the entry into the company of my sons, Angelo and Giuliano , a new path of qualitative research of wines began, from the countryside to the cellar, with the aim of making the wonderful products of this little corner of Paradise called Vesuvius known throughout the world. .

A few years ago we decided to give life to a new project that started from the choice of the most suitable land, from the selection of the best grapes, from the choice of the best exposures to an almost obsessive care of the crops. After years of experimentation in the countryside, the Vesuvio Doc line was born, four products of the highest quality, the result of stubbornness and the desire to give those who drink our wines all the wonderful sensations that our territory can offer.

The objective of our mission is to make the most of the qualities of our territory which has no equal in the world and to raise awareness of the enormous potential of the wines of our volcano.

The varietal vineyards of the Vesuvio Doc line are cultivated on volcanic soils and therefore have their primary characteristic in their marked minerality and flavor ; soils rich in potassium and phosphorus which give these wines unique sensations.

Working and qualifying the wines of our volcano has meant restoring value and dignity to a territory that over the years seemed destined for abandonment and of this, naturally, we are very proud.

We have concentrated production essentially on the most characteristic varietals of our territory : two whites, Falanghina Fiordilava Doc and Ikon Lacryma Christi Doc Superiore and two reds Pietranera Piedirosso Doc and Lahar Lacryma Christi Doc Superiore to share with those who love particular, never banal wines.