De Falco Vini 's story is one of great passion and family tradition .
It all began after the war with grandfather Gabriele who moved to Salento to manage a winery where he raised his three sons among grapes and wine. At just 16 years old, the eldest son Angelo took over the reins of the company and became the trusted man of the owner of the cellar. After a few years he moved to Naples to manage the parent company, but this reality was now too difficult for him and he decided to start his own business. Together with his brothers he opened his own production and marketing plant in Salento to sell wine throughout Italy. The need soon arose to have an office in Naples where most of its customers are located. So he returns to Naples and opens a warehouse in San Sebastiano al Vesuvio. We are in the 75/80s, the Neapolitan rise of Angelo De Falco begins and he becomes a primary reference in the Neapolitan wine scene, especially in the marketing of bulk wine. Times change, work grows and his son Gabriele joins the company at just 18 years old and realizes that the future of the sector lies in the production of quality wines and in the bottle. Thus in 1990 De Falco Vini was born with a new factory equipped for grape processing and bottling in San Sebastiano al Vesuvio , where the company is still based today.
From here begins a long journey that will lead De Falco vini to become one of the first production companies in Campania .